How do most financial advisors treat their customers?

  • Little original thought is given to each client. They will take hours of your time getting all your information only to tell you that you are best off going 50/50. 50% stocks, 50% bonds, thank you and have a great day.
  • They are giving you a chance to come up with a goal, and hoping the market helps you out.
  • They do help out in one way: by pushing index funds. This is much better than actively managed funds.
  • Most financial advisors are really just salespeople. They are not versed in analysis of stock values, probabilities, mathematics, risk management, algorithms, or computer models.
  • They also push retirement goal dates. This can help you quite a bit if you haven’t considered retirement, but if you have, you pretty much know this already.
  • They are versed in asset classes to an extent and can tell you the difference between a convertible bond and a non-convertible bond (convertible bonds can be traded for stock).
  • My goal is to be what you think a financial advisor should be – a person who looks carefully at each invested stock and gives you a way to tell the true value.

      • Most people think this is what a financial advisor does. They do not usually do this.
      • Try to improve your investing.
      • My background is in analysis of stock values, probabilities, mathematics, risk management, algorithms, and computer models.


    To  invest with me is to invest in many different ventures, each of which not only can grow, but which demonstrates a mathematically superior chance to grow in the market. This will spread out any risk of failure while maximizing the chance for an awesome return. And the numbers and history back this up.

    My goal is to test many algorithms, but give you the benefits of the best that have a long history of proof that they work.

    What has that proof?

    On the order of proof over centuries, there is proof that investing in stocks of companies, returns about 8% per year, such as index funds, since the 1900s.

    Since at least 1960, it has been known and scientifically proven that investments in “low PE” stocks work better than the average market.

    My “412” algorithm have been working since 2012 and have shown results demonstrated on this page.

    Want a scientifically proven algorithm that finds the best investments?

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