Value Investing

Value Investments in Pittsburgh!
Value Investments

All the ones researched below did about as well as nasdaq over the last 5 years, the 412 Investment did much better at 21% return!

There are many Value Investment Funds available in the Pittsburgh area.

Over the last 5 years, here is what each made each year on average:

Federated Investors “Federated Strategic Value Dividend Fund (R6)” 8.49%

Wells Fargo Endeavor Select Inst +15.57%

PNC Investments: PNC Blanaced Allocation A PBAAX 6.67% (as of 6/30/2018)

Northwestern Mutual “Investment Growth Stock Portfolio” 14.86% as of December 31, 2017
Fort Pitt Capital Total Return Fund (FPCGX) 5 year 14.94% as of October 31, 2017

Nasdaq Index fund 15% over last 5 years
My system 21% over last 5 years!

Nasdaq (^IXIC) made 15.31% per year over last 5 years – as of 7/1/2018

The market’s performance can be improved upon. If you are looking to do this, you need a financial advisor who is a quant, who is a computer scientist from CMU, who has worked with others from CMU, and who understands the market fundamentals and what can be done to improve it.

Think about a profitable investment you had, maybe you invested in Apple or Coca Cola. What made you pick that? Think about an unprofitable investment you had, what made you pick that?

In working with thousands of stocks, they can be ranked, they can be graded, and buying those at the top of the rankings gets better results than an index fund, both in backtests and in real life investments. It requires us to relax our need to prove ourselves to be the smartest and best prognosticators, and focus on what each stock actually is: an investment that will help the company and
us if we look at it correctly, not just a way to make a quick buck for ourselves. What do most people look for in stocks that misleads them?


These are correct, but mastering the art of looking for Trustworthy companies is surprisingly easy. Most companies are not full of frauds, their leadership aren’t lying about their results!

To get to a better state in the market, we just need to identify ahead of the market who those bad actors are, and the ones with good numbers who are not them… those are the best investments, the
ones who need investment the most. They have the best value. Like premium clothes on the clearance rack, they need to be bought, but also, they are good quality. They may be lumped with bad quality items, but they are what we most desire, and what needs to be bought to most as well.

Want a scientifically proven algorithm that finds the best investments?

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