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90% gains in our fund vs. 20% market gains since Nov1

This is a very special post.

Today is 1/14/2021. There is unrest and problems in the world, but the stock market has never looked to a brighter future.

Nasdaq has gone up since November 1st,2020 20.3% gains. (10957.61 to 13181.91). But our inagural fund, sent out to the exclusive group of recipients of our SAAS system, has done better, gathering a 90% gain. See the list of stocks and their performance below.

No.TickerCompanyPriceChange%VolumeTransactionDateSharesCostMarket ValueGain$Gain%Change$
1ENGENGlobal Corporation7.513.58%4,168,843Buy11/1/20205,5740.7841859.5337511.71862.77%1447.05
2BBGIBeasley Broadcast Group, Inc.1.890.55%582,341Buy11/1/20203,5931.216792.312444.4856.22%37.01
3AWXAvalon Holdings Corporation3.024.15%53,081Buy11/1/20202,5581.77723.793375.9677.65%307.93
4VIRCVirco Mfg. Corporation2.7-11.48%89,826Buy11/1/20202,2181.965989.351641.5337.76%-776.4
5HCHCHC2 Holdings, Inc.3.511.10%102,431Buy11/1/20202,0222.157094.032746.2163.16%76.85
6SGMASigmaTron International, Inc.5.110.00%19,467Buy11/1/20201,3543.216921.312573.4859.19%0
7RYAMRayonier Advanced Materials Inc.7.526.21%363,962Buy11/1/20201,2683.439532.265184.43119.24%557.74
8FARMFarmer Bros. Co.5.742.46%78,606Buy11/1/20201,2533.477188.952841.1265.35%172.28
9RFPResolute Forest Products Inc.7.41.79%74,695Buy11/1/20209474.597009.572661.7461.22%123.14
10USAPUniversal Stainless & Alloy Products, Inc.8.18-0.29%54,765Buy11/1/20208015.436546.562198.7350.57%-19.22
11TESSTESSCO Technologies Incorporated7.652.00%4,677Buy11/1/20207136.15452.61104.7825.41%106.91
12GWGHGWG Holdings, Inc.7.26-1.82%12,496Buy11/1/20205807.54211.59-136.23-3.13%-78.26
13LMBLimbach Holdings, Inc.14.51.83%73,478Buy11/1/20204878.937059.742711.9162.37%126.59
14BZHBeazer Homes USA, Inc.15.711.75%87,034Buy11/1/202035712.185607.911260.0828.98%96.38
15UNFIUnited Natural Foods, Inc.22.4216.65%1,929,723Buy11/1/202029814.576690.342342.5153.88%954.91
16GCOGenesco Inc.40.568.78%122,772Buy11/1/202024517.729950.685602.86128.87%803.56
17ODPThe ODP Corporation46.723.66%431,085Buy11/1/202022319.510416.946069.12139.59%367.89
18BXCBlueLinx Holdings Inc.37.814.65%59,451Buy11/1/202019821.987479.133131.3172.02%332.32
19TATravelCenters of America Inc.32.233.06%30,784Buy11/1/202018323.85886.991539.1735.40%174.53
20AVTAvnet, Inc.38.350.89%165,633Buy11/1/202017624.676758.782410.9555.45%59.92
21AMRKA-Mark Precious Metals, Inc.28.892.27%24,432Buy11/1/202014031.084041.46-306.36-7.05%89.53
22CAHCardinal Health, Inc.55.40.00%349,526Buy11/1/20209545.795260.31912.4820.99%0
23ABCAmerisourceBergen Corporation106.040.40%283,339Buy11/1/20204596.074799.04451.2110.38%19.01
Total23 Stocks2.69% 190273.290273.1990.27%4979.68


90% gain from the November 1st inaugaral fund

No.TickerCompanyPriceChange%VolumeTransactionDateSharesCostMarket ValueGain$Gain%Change$
1.ENGENGlobal Corporation7.513.58%4,168,843Buy11-01-205,5740.7841859.5337511.71862.77%1447.05
2.BBGIBeasley Broadcast Group, Inc.1.890.55%582,341Buy11-01-203,5931.216792.312444.4856.22%37.01
3.AWXAvalon Holdings Corporation3.024.15%53,081Buy11-01-202,5581.77723.793375.9677.65%307.93
4.VIRCVirco Mfg. Corporation2.70-11.48%89,826Buy11-01-202,2181.965989.351641.5337.76%-776.40
5.HCHCHC2 Holdings, Inc.3.511.10%102,431Buy11-01-202,0222.157094.032746.2163.16%76.85
6.SGMASigmaTron International, Inc.5.110.00%19,467Buy11-01-201,3543.216921.312573.4859.19%0.00
7.RYAMRayonier Advanced Materials Inc.7.526.21%363,962Buy11-01-201,2683.439532.265184.43119.24%557.74
8.FARMFarmer Bros. Co.5.742.46%78,606Buy11-01-201,2533.477188.952841.1265.35%172.28
9.RFPResolute Forest Products Inc.7.401.79%74,695Buy11-01-209474.597009.572661.7461.22%123.14
10.USAPUniversal Stainless & Alloy Products, Inc.8.18-0.29%54,765Buy11-01-208015.436546.562198.7350.57%-19.22
11.TESSTESSCO Technologies Incorporated7.652.00%4,677Buy11-01-207136.15452.601104.7825.41%106.91
12.GWGHGWG Holdings, Inc.7.26-1.82%12,496Buy11-01-205807.54211.59-136.23-3.13%-78.26
13.LMBLimbach Holdings, Inc.14.501.83%73,478Buy11-01-204878.937059.742711.9162.37%126.59
14.BZHBeazer Homes USA, Inc.15.711.75%87,034Buy11-01-2035712.185607.911260.0828.98%96.38
15.UNFIUnited Natural Foods, Inc.22.4216.65%1,929,723Buy11-01-2029814.576690.342342.5153.88%954.91
16.GCOGenesco Inc.40.568.78%122,772Buy11-01-2024517.729950.685602.86128.87%803.56
17.ODPThe ODP Corporation46.723.66%431,085Buy11-01-2022319.510416.946069.12139.59%367.89
18.BXCBlueLinx Holdings Inc.37.814.65%59,451Buy11-01-2019821.987479.133131.3172.02%332.32
19.TATravelCenters of America Inc.32.233.06%30,784Buy11-01-2018323.85886.991539.1735.40%174.53
20.AVTAvnet, Inc.38.350.89%165,633Buy11-01-2017624.676758.782410.9555.45%59.92
21.AMRKA-Mark Precious Metals, Inc.28.892.27%24,432Buy11-01-2014031.084041.46-306.36-7.05%89.53
22.CAHCardinal Health, Inc.55.400.00%349,526Buy11-01-209545.795260.31912.4820.99%0.00
23.ABCAmerisourceBergen Corporation106.040.40%283,339Buy11-01-204596.074799.04451.2110.38%19.01
Total23 Stocks2.69%190273.1990273.1990.27%4979.68


November 1st gains as of 12/27/20 – 42% gains

No.TickerCompanyPriceChange%VolumeTransactionDateSharesCostMarket ValueGain$Gain%Change$
1.ENGENGlobal Corporation2.9529.39%8,086,062Buy11-01-205,5740.7816443.7012095.88278.21%3734.67
2.BBGIBeasley Broadcast Group, Inc.1.481.37%88,018Buy11-01-203,5931.215318.00970.1822.31%71.86
3.AWXAvalon Holdings Corporation2.300.88%8,308Buy11-01-202,5581.75882.351534.5335.29%51.15
4.VIRCVirco Mfg. Corporation2.517.20%10,133Buy11-01-202,2181.965564.551216.7327.98%373.78
5.HCHCHC2 Holdings, Inc.3.6812.20%1,872,553Buy11-01-202,0222.157441.863094.0371.16%808.90
6.SGMASigmaTron International, Inc.4.700.43%9,269Buy11-01-201,3543.216365.982018.1546.42%27.09
7.RYAMRayonier Advanced Materials Inc.6.411.42%425,793Buy11-01-201,2683.438125.243777.4186.88%114.08
8.FARMFarmer Bros. Co.4.13-0.48%48,015Buy11-01-201,2533.475174.79826.9619.02%-25.06
9.RFPResolute Forest Products Inc.6.280.48%70,287Buy11-01-209474.595948.661600.8336.82%28.42
10.USAPUniversal Stainless & Alloy Products, Inc.7.216.03%140,747Buy11-01-208015.435773.081425.2532.78%328.29
11.TESSTESSCO Technologies Incorporated6.273.13%47,019Buy11-01-207136.14469.00121.172.79%135.42
12.GWGHGWG Holdings, Inc.7.06-0.42%6,809Buy11-01-205807.54092.75-255.07-5.87%-17.39
13.LMBLimbach Holdings, Inc.12.98-0.54%31,245Buy11-01-204878.936319.681971.8645.35%-34.08
14.BZHBeazer Homes USA, Inc.16.192.27%117,814Buy11-01-2035712.185779.251431.4332.92%128.51
15.UNFIUnited Natural Foods, Inc.16.34-0.49%657,704Buy11-01-2029814.574876.01528.1812.15%-23.87
16.GCOGenesco Inc.27.89-1.59%79,228Buy11-01-2024517.726843.162495.3457.39%-110.41
17.ODPThe ODP Corporation28.630.42%124,797Buy11-01-2022319.56383.502035.6746.82%26.76
18.BXCBlueLinx Holdings Inc.29.37-1.41%21,654Buy11-01-2019821.985809.631461.8033.62%-83.08
19.TATravelCenters of America Inc.35.29-0.59%35,344Buy11-01-2018323.86446.842099.0148.28%-38.36
20.AVTAvnet, Inc.34.47-1.12%472,548Buy11-01-2017624.676074.971727.1539.72%-68.73
21.AMRKA-Mark Precious Metals, Inc.27.95-0.53%19,806Buy11-01-2014031.083909.96-437.86-10.07%-20.98
22.CAHCardinal Health, Inc.53.80-0.11%349,588Buy11-01-209545.795108.39760.5617.49%-5.70
23.ABCAmerisourceBergen Corporation96.97-0.28%295,175Buy11-01-204596.074388.5640.730.94%-12.22
Total23 Stocks3.93%142539.9342539.9342.54%5389.04

We beat the market


Hope you are safe and sound. Here’s an update about the success of the Pittsburgh Financial Advisors’ AI based Investment Engine which you might find interesting. 

In September, 19 stock picks were picked by our Engine and sent to our exclusive community.  Here is that ticker list:ZEUS,VNCE,USAP,TA,SXC,STRT,SGMA,SCX,SCSC,QEP,
One month later, the 19 stock picks beat the market with 7.1% gains while Nasdaq gained 6.6 percent in the last 2 months, and the S&P gained 4%
But it’s not the end! 
We have recently improved the algorithm with a new filter to eliminate poor performing stocks. This would improve the performance to over 10% gain in two months!

While we launch our system next week, we invite you to be a Part of the Closed Community where we regularly share the stock recommendations.
Here’s the link-

Please look forward to our stock picks and official launch of the business on November 1st, 2020!

Past results do not guarantee future returns.  


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In depth review of stock screener picks: AMRK,SGMA

AMRKA-Mark Precious Metals, Inc.FinancialCapital Markets
SGMASigmaTron International, Inc.TechnologyElectronic ComponentsUSA
SGMA stock information

Here we will take a look at these two stocks picked out due to high sales, high profits, and low price, by the algorithm.

SGMA, SigmaTron International, Inc. is a small cap (~$13 Million) company most algorithms won’t notice.

AMRK is a larger ($183 million) company that has very little in common with SGMA.

What they have in common is growing sales, increasing earnings, and a low price that has been shown to increase in value over the last 5 years.

Together with checks for bankruptcy and fraud, this comprises a top tier investment strategy that is designed to beat the market, and has done so.

Let’s take a look at the stocks and what caused them to be doing so well…


New Quiz

Many are picking individual stocks, is that a good idea?

In general, the average investor who picks individual stocks would be better off in an index fund. 25% of stocks are responsible for all of the market’s gains.


Future of Covid 19

The stock market keeps rising and falling as different ideas on the future of covid-19 come through.

Follow up to the unemployment: how many people will die of unemployment per year?

About 6,400 people per year per 1% extra unemployment (currently 10% more or so). That is based on these figures: 74% increase in all causes of mortality for being unemployed.

“Individual Joblessness, Contextual Unemployment, and Mortality Risk,” July 2014 American Journal of Epidemiology

Currently, the number of deaths are 863.8 deaths per 100,000 population. The number unemployed will be about 10 million due to covid 19.

At what point will the number of unemployed deaths reach parity with the number of deaths from covid 19?

That is difficult to measure directly, as we don’t know how many will die from each or what unemployment will be this year. But if we have 10 million unemployed like now, for one year, that will cause 86,380 deaths.

The pandemic has killed far more than that many so far this year, 149,000 deaths.

This isn’t an either/or situation. We cannot recover jobs by ignoring the pandemic. People are worried and often unwilling to go back to work or look for a job.

But if we could address the pandemic quickly, we could save both the lives from unemployment and the lives lost from the disease.

The best way to deal with the disease would be a vaccine, but that is becomming less likely to work, due to antibody disappearance over time. Antibodies become more rare in a person’s blood to deal with covid-19 over time, leaving people vulnerable again. How long this takes is a mystery, but it seems to be lasting months, not years.

This could reduce the chances of developing herd immunity, vaccines, and other treatments. But we have a proven, working, legitimate strategy that has worked in any country that has tried it.

Test everybody. Isolate the virus to a few small areas through extensive testing and test everybody in the areas. This will cost money, but far less in treasure and life (remember from previous articles, $7 million is the reasonable estimate of a life’s worth, so we are talking tens of billions of dollars).

We need to proceed with a “test everybody” strategy. This would require more tests, more than once. Almost a billion tests. Fortunately, we have two trading allies who can produce the tests america cannot: South Korea and China.

Testing kits in the USA cost $119 (for several dozen tests in each). “About $23 per test to the end user, in this case our health care providers”.

The math is simple! $23 for a billion tests? That’s $23 billion!

We are paying more than that per month on extra unemployment alone! The federal government needs to get its act together and provide these, for free, to everybody. Tests can cost uninsured persons in excess of $1000! We have no time for that.

And we could vastly reduce deaths, and have a semblance of a chance to return to normal life.

The future of covid 19, if we continue as we are, will be more deaths from unemployment and disease. More panic and closures and lost business and tourism. More lost face.

But imagine if our current administration stepped up and delivered one billion tests! It’s easy, it’s cheap, its simple to do for free. Congress could pass this without the administration as well, if they wanted to do so. It would be a small part of either the current federal budget or one congressional bill.

Write to your congressman, with me, and ask for the billion tests. Ask the current administration to back this, and let’s be ready to reopen soon.