Benjamin Shniper

My name is Benjamin Shniper, a computer scientist and analyst who wants to improve investing.  My wife and four children live in pittsburgh, the “412” area code. My background is in algorithms and computer science. Benjamin Shniper (“412 Investments,”, “the firm”, “my,” or “me”) is a Pennsylvania Sole proprietorship doing business as “412 Investments”, which is registered as a name with the department of state of Pennsylvania.

Below is my experience in Quantitative Finance

  • CMU CS Training
  • AI special focus
  • Genetic Algos
  • Pattern recognition in stock values
  • P/E Methods to get Alphas
  • 16 Years of Corporate Contracted Programmer experience
  • Financial Transaction Software for Banks
  • Mathematical Analyst of Models
  • 3 years Algo Profitability
  • Initial Algo Developmed in Collaboration with Google Engineer from CMU
  • Regulated Financial Advisor*
    • *This doesn’t imply an endorsement from the State of Pennsylvania


Looking for a scientific approach to growing your wealth?