Specific Plan

Here is the specific plan to handle the industry disruption:

  1. Have me use my training as an enterprise architect to gather requirements for custom indexes from several local financial advisors.
  2. Allow me to coordinate a request to CMU , Google and others to have students work on algorithms, data, and backtests, managed by me (due to my prior success).
  3. Have algorithms and indexes ready quickly using prior and new algorithms for clients, as promised. This uses my 20+ years as a computer programmer.
  4. Work on a fee basis to accomplish this, using my many years of experience as a contractor and independent contractor.
  5. Build and publish new methods for evolving the next generation of financial algorithms and custom indexes, relying on the expertise of myself and other CMU trained professionals.
  6. Have me design, manage, and program ways of evaluating companies more correctly than using raw financial data, publishing results as agreed.

That would indeed give financial advisors a simple set of indexes they can offer to clients to help them through the current market and ordinary and strange markets to come. This would be a great advance in offering financial advice, requiring only some participation from many parties.

By entrusting me with the architecture of this system, you can have confidence that careful analysis will go into every step, always to ensure it will return money and that it will work.